Parking Lot Striping: All You Need To Know

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Parking Lot Striping, also referred to as Traffic Marking, ensures a systematic flow of traffic and defines clear areas for vehicles to park. The layout for efficient parking striping includes vivid, long-lasting lines for stalls, arrows that guide entrances and exits, and directional indicators on parking lots. Additionally, spaces for handicap parking, distinct markings for fire lanes, and other features are included. Usually, the task of parking lot striping is carried out by expert line striping contractors, and the most widely used paint for these markings is water-based acrylic traffic paint.


Various kinds of traffic paints can be utilized for drawing lines in parking lots, such as water-based acrylics, solvent-based alkyd resin paints, solvent-based chlorinated rubber, and more. Among these, water-based acrylic is the most prevalent paint used for parking lot striping.

Water-based acrylic paints for line striping are favored due to their exceptional durability, intense brightness, and high visibility. They are also recognized for being eco-friendly. Consequently, water-based acrylics are often the preferred choice for painting not only parking lots but also roads and highways. SealMaster provides an extensive range of superior quality traffic paints suitable for applications in parking lots, roads, and highways.


Specific zoning regulations might necessitate a dedicated fire lane in front of structures. Generally, the term “Fire Lane” is stenciled onto the pavement using traffic paint in the specified area, and the curb may be coated with fire lane red traffic paint as well.

SealMaster maintains a nationwide network of striping experts who are on hand to perform parking lot striping services.

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