Asphalt Repair in New Port Richey Florida

Parking Lot Striping: Why you need it?

A parking lot striping job may include installing wheel stops and safety bollards as well as painting lines. 

Equipment used for pavement striping 

Professional pavement stripers use striping machines to paint straight, even lines. These machines range from simple to complicated and do a fast, accurate job.

In fact, here are a few technologies many striping machines utilize to do an amazing job.

Laser Guides

Replacing dull and faded markings is critical to achieving a professional-looking parking lot. This can also be fairly difficult. Utilizing laser guides ensures a perfect result each time by outlining the exact location of your new line with a light beam.

Reflective Bead Dispensers

Reflective beads are excellent additions to a parking lot’s lines, increasing visibility for vehicles and pedestrians at night. Attaching a reflective bead dispenser to the line striping machine eliminates the need to do this step by hand, saving time and improving results.

Spray Shields

Even the most precise line striping machines are vulnerable to the wind. As paint exits the machine, a gust between the surface and the spray tip is all it takes to divert the paint’s stream and leave an uneven line. A spray shield protects the paint from wind and ensures an uninterrupted stream every time.

Americans with Disabilities Act, Handicap Space Striping and Stenciling

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), enacted on July 26, 1990, is a comprehensive piece of legislation aimed at enhancing accessibility within American Society for those with disabilities. Trust the specialists at Stripe-A-Zone with all your requirements for handicap space striping and stenciling. Possessing the latest and most compliant handicap stenciling products, Stripe-A-Zone ensures that all handicap spaces are neat, clearly visible, and adhere to ADA standards. Proper striping and stenciling of your handicap spaces are essential in safeguarding your organization against fines and city violations. Allow the skilled handicap space striping team at Stripe-A-Zone to establish a regular parking lot maintenance routine, keeping all your handicap spaces duly marked and within code regulations.


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